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The truth

We’ve worked with all these brands—and hundreds more—in past lives. But we can't share the work we made for them—just ask our lawyers. Actually, take our word for it because their hourly rate far exceeds ours.

The consequences

We’ve worked with all those logos above and none of the ones below. These represent some of the things we’ve learned to do—and not to do—over our careers. Aside from the expertise in strategy, branding, design, advertising, and writing you should expect from a partner like us, it also means intangible experiences—consequences, if you will—like these:

We’re not going to redo what we used to do. This is not a sequel. It’s a new story.

We’re completely comfortable in front of CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, C3POs, EVPs, AVPs, MVPs, Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD, or anyone else you need us to sell through an idea or make you look good.

Agencies are like restaurants. You can go to ones with 400 seats and 15-page menus, or you can go where the chefs actually cook.

We have finely calibrated, Swiss-watch-level bullshit detectors.

Right now, the owners of our agency are four white guys and a woman. We don't intend to stay that way.

Our grandparents had the following jobs: Stone Mason, WW2 Nurse, Oil Refinery Foreman, Farmhand, Hotel Maid, Bricklayer, and more. We’re fortunate enough to create stuff for a living and we’ll never take that for granted.

Earlier in our careers, we made our fair share of mistakes and learned from them. Which means one of those logos above paid for them, not you (sorry, logos!).

We’re honestly surprised you’re still reading these. As a reward, you can receive 5% off your next contract when you mention the offer code “SIXTOE” at checkout.